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Citibank Credit Card Settlement
I have one final old credit card debt with Citibank for $13800 (most of which is penalty and interest fees bc I have not used card for over 6 years). They have .

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Citibank Online - Article:Should I Consolidate?
These days, debt can be cheap and some credit-card companies are charging single-digit interest rates for their best customers. So if you're paying upwards of .

Citibank Online - Article:Got Debt? These Five Steps May Get You ...
Finally, watch out for credit card debt. The interest rate levied can be high and you can't take tax deduction for the financing charges. While credit cards are often .

Can you be sued for credit card debts? - Debt Consolidation Forums
May 20, 2006 . I am being sued by citibank credit card. I live with my daughter and have no income, i have not been able to pay on this debt since oct2001, .

Citibank Credit Card Lawsuit | Credit Card Debt Litigation
Many people have asked if there is any type of Citibank credit card application debt protection, or some way to protect yourself from the start when dealing with .

Citi Simplicity Credit Card Should You Get This 0% APR Balance ...
2 days ago . Read our detailed review of Citi Simplicity credit card, a 0% APR balance . This means that you have 18 months to pay off your debt without .

Citibank debt collectors allegedly kill client | The Jakarta Post
Apr 1, 2011 . AntaraAn employee of Citibank and two debt collectors hired by the major . a customer who complained about his ballooning credit card bill.

How to Negotiate With Citibank Credit Card |
Tell Citibank you want to negotiate your credit card debt. Write the company a letter, or call a representative on the phone to begin the negotiation process.

Recent offers from AMEX and Citibank credit cards
Oct 6, 2011 . I just recieved an updated offer directly from AMEX: Balance $2772, 60% forgivness and pay the balance over 23 months $50 a month, .

Consumers Are Getting Better About Credit Card Debt | Credit ...
Citibank (Stock Quote: C), for example, just reported this week that it's seeing a big improvement in its credit card debt repayment picture. Citibank says that rates .